Helping people improve themselves and all areas of their life creating a ripple effect in their circle and in the world. Writing about of productivity, spirituality and other self-improvement topics and also offering consultation services for personal issues or for a guidance on building an online writing business.

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The mission of my writing is to give knowledge that the traditional education system is not giving to our youth and also inspire other writers to do the same. Other than traditional knowledge of the academia, there is a whole other area that people never get the chance to learn about and that's how their own minds work. If people cannot fix their own mindset and perception of how life really works, their degrees and academic theories won't help them improve their life.


The vision is to create a culture of greatness. To build a community of like minded people that want to improve the world for the next generation of our specie. To expand the global consciousness and raise the bar of limitation for extraordinary things to happen because everything starts in the mind first, and to raise a generation with the necessary knowledge that can bring heaven on earth.

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