Act on faith

Updated: 7 days ago

Critical thinking does not predict the future. Planning and overthinking are based on past data, but the future is not as predictable as people think. No matter how good your business plan or your predictions, no one saw coronavirus coming. No one saw the dot-com crash coming, no one saw the 2008 crisis coming, and not many saw the inflation now in 2022 coming, and not many are seeing the dot-com crash 2.0 coming that’s going to be worse than the 1st one as many crypto projects and exchanges are going bankrupt creating a ripple effect in the economy.

Tell me how efficient those business plans were for the companies that went bankrupted during all of these crises? Or how many predicted those crises? Critical thinking is not so efficient in predicting outcomes, so the best thing that you can do is to do the best with what you have right now and have faith. When you are optimistic, your brain somehow finds ways to take you to that desired outcome. There’s not much critical thinking here, just faith that your subconscious will navigate you towards the right path.

Faith, optimism, consistency, pain resilience, patience, all of these are mental muscles, and just like your body muscles require training for growth and strength, your mental muscles require training as well. Those mental muscles are what you need to accomplish anything in life anyways, without patience and consistency, you’re just going to give up whenever you don’t feel like it anymore as you don’t see any instant results. Today is easier than ever to stand out and do something great as people today don’t take the time to exercise their mental muscles.

Technology is a big cause of that because it made our lives easier, so what’s the reason to develop patience when you can get entertainment in a click of a button? Or instantly warm your food? Or get a food without waiting thanks to fast foods? Or even “sex” with just a few clicks on your screen? Technology is not bad. People just use it in a destructive way that makes them weak, and today we need strong leaders more than ever before. You are one of them as you have the patience and desire to sit and read this article, not many have the mental strength to acquire knowledge and read articles or books, so that separates you from today’s average.

No matter how long you think about the right decision, there’ll be a lot of unexpected factors that will contribute to the final outcome that no matter how much data you stumble upon you won’t predict. Data is infinite and you cannot expect the unexpected based on it. There’s a silver lining between conscious intent and intuition, that if you look to it and act based on it, outcomes will most likely bend to your favor. Those hunches and gut feelings are not random, they are generated from another intelligent organ in your body, whether your heart or your gut, and those organs hold more power and intelligence that your conscious perception of reality.

You have to learn to operate with those too and not rely only on your limited perspective. Conscious intent most often has little to do with final outcomes. The only thing that you have control over is your present moment. Of course you want to take into consideration past data, but you should also take into consideration your inner feeling about a particular decision. Your gut is a biological computer that’s way more powerful than any other computer out there. Your subconscious in other words includes the intelligence of your heart and gut and they run 95% of your life. Don’t depend so much on the 5% conscious efforts to bring the results that you want. The best thing is to trust your inner intelligence and act on faith.

Decisions made out of snap judgement are as good as decisions based on over analysis if you stick with them. Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Blink”, talks how your fast decisions are as good as decisions based on over analysis of data, and how your intuition has a higher percentage of being right than conscious over analysis. Whether you stress out after taking a decision and thinking if you thought of it long enough or not it doesn’t matter as the path you chose is the only thing you can control because again as mentioned, there will be a lot of unexpected factors that are going to influence the final outcome.


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