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Adopting systems for a better life

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

There are three types of people in this world. The people with no goals, the people with goals and the people with systems. People with systems are also known as high achievers.

Having goals is better than having none, but what exactly are systems and why are they better than just having goals?

Having a goal gives you the feeling of anxiety since you didn’t achieve your goal yet. Every day that your goal is not achieved you get a bit discouraged, even on a subconscious level.

When you are working towards your goals everyday but without any visible results, it feels like the goal is too far ahead and some times this demotivates people and they end up giving up.

Systems on the other hand is focusing on the road that takes you there and not the destination. In other words, you set your destination (goal), you carve the path that leads you there, and then you forget all about it. Instead of focusing on the destination, you focus on the journey that takes you there.

Why this approach is better? It all has to do with your mental well-being. Breaking your goal into daily tasks that you can very easily accomplish is better than using big forceful actions and trying to achieve your goal as soon as possible.

In other words, you are winning every day until you achieve your goal BUT, you don’t stop once you achieve it. That’s why it’s called a system and not a goal. You make it a way of life.

If your goal is to write a book, you have to become a writer and forget about the book. If your goal is to run a marathon, you have to become a runner and forget about the marathon.

Systems are all about the habits and daily routines that makes you the ideal person that already “achieved” the goal. That’s how you achieve it effortlessly. That’s how the mind works and that’s how it can help you with anything. That’s not magic but neuroscience.

You have to become the person first, and then achieve the goal, and to become the person first you have to adopt the right habits which make up the right system for you.

  • Goal = 1 time event

  • System = Way of life

A goal is just an event that happens once somewhere in the future. The future is not here now, and the future is out of your control.

The present moment is the only moment in time that you have control over, and how you feel and think now will affect the outcome that you are waiting in a timeframe somewhere in the future.

To be completely free from time and anxiety you have to adopt a system and get rid of the idea of goal. The goal will be nothing more than a byproduct of your system.

This will also shift your mindset and energy levels, and really these two things are the things that you need anyway to get to your goal. By a proper use of these two mental tools, you can change your whole life one day at a time.

To better understand and implement a system instead of setting a goal is to reverse engineer your desired outcome. As mentioned previously, if your goal is to write a book, you have to shift your self into a writer and get rid of the idea of writing a book.

Focusing just on the simple task that is currently under your control in this moment, the writing of a paragraph let’s say, will take you to that desired outcome anyway without you having to stress or wait for anything. By doing that, the quality of your work will be better.

All those completed daily tasks will add up and at some point you’ll realized that you have a load of work done without thinking too much about it.

Now the difference between having systems and goals is that, once you reach that desired outcome that you had, you don’t stop.

You keep the momentum going and keep climbing that mountain of achievement. Better and bigger things will be coming to you if you keep doing that daily work and that’s how someone’s life changes. By committing to a system.

To conclude, goals are just a one-time event. Systems are what takes you to that one-time event and even further. Focusing on the goal will have you feeling anxious. Focusing on systems will have you feeling motivated and in momentum. Stop chasing goals and adopt systems for a better life.


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