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An anatomy of consciousness

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Data in this article was based on the works of Dr. David Hawkins

People calibrate on different levels of consciousness, or energy. Each level attracts back to one’s life things, events and people that calibrate on the same level of energy.

Based on Dr. David Hawkins’ map of consciousness, there are 12 levels that people calibrate on. The level 200 is the baseline where one starts contributing and serving life instead of working against it.

78% of the world calibrate below the baseline level of 200. Calibrating below this critical level one can expect poverty, humiliation, sickness, depression and other destructive emotional states that brings one to the point where life has no meaning anymore.

Calibrating above the baseline level of 200, one can also expect negative external stimuli by people calibrating below that critical level for egoistic reasons such as jealously and fear. To better understand the levels of consciousness I would suggest to read this article where it explains the different levels and how to to transcend them.

Dr. David Hawkins has discovered that there is a consciousness separated from our ego and exists inside of us, and we can come into contact with it using applied kinesiology. This method as Dr. David Hawkins says is better applicable to people calibrating above the level of 200 for more accuracy.

To use the method 2 people are required. The one lifts his right arm, and the second one asks a question that can only be answered with yes or no. After asking the question, it lightly pushes the raised arm of the other person down, and if it stays strong, that indicates power which means the answer is positive or yes. If the arm goes down, that indicates weakness which means the answer is negative or no.

This is a similar method with the one of a lie detector, where the device can detect any chemical reactions in a person when asked a question and see whether he answers truthfully or not.

By David Hawkins’ method of applied kinesiology, one can show weakness on his muscles when asked a question that does not resonate with the inner consciousness, which is separated from the limited view of the ego.

That’s the reason that participants of this method must calibrate above the baseline level of 200 so that inner consciousness has the power over the muscles and not the ego. So, by calibrating above the baseline level, one can also expect positive changes in his life depending on how he uses his energy.

In David Hawkins’ book “Power vs Force”, he discusses how one can force his way to his goal with hard work, manipulation, mental struggle and stress only by achieving unsustainable results, because everything is a reflection of our energy, and how one can be relaxed and do the necessary work without having to worry and stress and come to the same destination much effortlessly.

Everything and everyone reflects back our energy, so by using force, one can expect a counter-force.

The energy that one emanates comes back to him, so forcing things to come a certain way on a certain time is limited and ego-based.

It’s like hitting a wall trying to bring it down so you can move forward, instead of walking 100 meters and entering the other side by the door. That’s why smart-work always beats hard work.

If hard work was the answer, a lot of people would be happy, fulfilled and free. Hard work is an outdated model and it’s ego-based.

When you realize that you actually have no control over anything, you’ll realize that hard work might not be the right way.

Everything is just a reflection of our energy, and instead of trying to force external things, we should start working on the internal, on our mind, on our energy, because at the end of the day, everything and everyone is made up by this energy.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t take any action, but we take the one that feels right. That feeling is energy, and that’s why inner work is required, to start developing your intuition, your gut feelings, because those feelings of the gut and of the heart are way more powerful from the limited power of logic and reason.

Most people only use their heads, but they have a heart and a gut as well and they leave those tools unused. These organs have intelligence within them.

They are the source of intuition and the are deeply connected to one’s subconscious mind which is way more powerful that the conscious mind which only uses logic and reason. Bottom line is, everything that we experience in our life is a reflection of our inner state of mind. Everything starts from within us. As within, so without.

This article explains how our inner world is correlated to our outer world. So, instead of forcing things to come a certain way, work inwards to change your state of mind before taking action. That’s how you get sustainable results effortlessly.


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