Desire for an emotion

Updated: Sep 9

Emotions which stand for (energy in motion), are the driving forces behind every decision and desire that we have in our life. We want money not because of the money but because of the underlining feeling behind of having money which is security, freedom and abundance.

Someone's life situation is nothing more than a byproduct of their own state of being. If one has a scarcity mindset and is frugal, he is blocking the energy of money in coming into his life either by investment opportunities, job offers, business ideas and many more ways that people cannot consciously see because they blind themselves from abundance.

What you focus on grows, so focusing on trying to save money and not spend it because you think its going to run out, will create emotional blockages in your mind that will be associated with money hence, you’ll be blinded from opportunities that will allow you to bring in more money.

The same goes with love, friendships and everything. When you operate from an abundance mindset and know deep within you that nothing in this universe is scarce and there are many options and opportunities for you, more will be coming to you.

There is a verse in the bible which says that to whoever has, more shall be given, and to whomever does not have, even that which he has shall be taken away.

Sounds harsh but even quantum physics proves that focusing your attention on the things that you have and being grateful for them, more things will somehow come to you that will reinforce the feeling of gratitude and abundance.

When you focus on the things that you don’t have and trying to get more and feeling out of control and operating from a scarcity mindset, more situations will be drawn in your life to reinforce that feeling of scarcity.

So, the emotion that we unconsciously focus on amplifies, and comes back to us in even greater amounts. Everything starts from within, reality is mental, and your current reality is the effect of your past thoughts and feelings.

Your present state will determine the quality of life that will be drawn into your awareness, so to change your future, you have to embody the person that already lives the life that you want to live in the future and dwell in that state for as long as possible, preferably until it becomes your personality.

Without you even realizing it, people, events and different circumstances will start being drawn to you and sooner or later, the quality of your life will catch up to your state of being. Now back to the desires that each one has. The underlining motivation behind goals and desires are the emotions that are behind these accomplishments.

The emotion of love is your goal and not that particular partner. The emotion of abundance and financial security is the goal and not that specific amount of money. The emotion of significance and validation is the goal and not that particular title or job position that you want.

It’s emotions that we are unconsciously chasing with the idea that something out there will makes us feel good. Chasing it is the slow and old way of operating in this life. It's the linear and Newtonian way of living. Check this article to better understand how life is actually not linear but we are the ones that make it so.

Quantum physics and spirituality, whichever feels more comfortable to you, says that our mental state is the cause of all those events and desires being drawn into our life, the love partner, the job, the money, and everything else.

To get what you want is to not want it, that’s the irony here and that’s how life works. The bible for the religious people, is nothing more than a manual of how life works. That’s physics for non-religious people.

Both spirituality and science are proving that our state of mind is the cause of our quality of life. To change your outer world, we have to first change our inner world which consists of our emotions, our state of being.

Thoughts and actions are effects of our state of being. And the actions are the medium of desires being actualized into our material life.

People try to change their thoughts, which is a good start but not the best one. Thoughts are something that come to you based on your state of being. In other words, it’s not you that you have those thoughts, but your mental state that attracts them to you.

Change your mental state and your thoughts will change. To change your state of being, you change the standard emotions that you hold on a day to day basis.

When you change your state of being, thoughts of that same state will be attracted to you, hence the quality of the actions that you take on those thoughts. You don’t have to change your thoughts or your actions but your state of being. Everything else will follow automatically.

No matter how many books you read, it’s the state of mind that will determine the quality of action on that knowledge that you acquire.

When you change your state of mind, you’ll realize that your desires and goals change, that your circle will start changing and maybe your partner. Your environment controls your state of mind until you become aware of it and take control over it.

When you master your mind, you’ll overgrow your environment. The challenging thing here is to keep the ideal state of mind no matter what shows up in front of you.

When you finally realize that your desires were just effects of your state of mind, you’ll start withdrawing all your energy from that desperation and neediness and you’ll see what you once thought it was hard to obtain, now becomes something easy and something natural and you’ll seek a bigger purpose.


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