Don't let society define success for you

Updated: Nov 22

There is a tendency today to define success as how many commas you have in your bank account balance, what car you’re driving, what do you do for a living, how many likes and followers you have on social media and all these shallow things that we don’t take with us once we leave from this world. No one is taking into consideration how healthy you are, how happy you are, how fulfilled and satisfied you are, how great is your relationship with your love partner, friends and family or your character and personality. Success today is defined by material and shallow things that the school system instills in our brains to be honest. All this pursuit for happiness and success starts from a young age, once we join school and start competing for everything.

No one is really taking a look to realize how broken the education system is and how our kids are participating in it influencing their personality and mindset negatively from such a young age. And then when they grow up, their kids do the same thing and we just being trapped into this loop with the broken education system that impacts the next generations. Now that the kids grew up and became parents are still in the pursuit of something out of habit, so they delegate the development of their kid’s personality and mindset to the broken system of education and this thing keeps going on for years and years and we’re wondering why there’s not any change in the world. Now thanks to the internet we all have access to information that Aristotle would never stumble upon in his entire lifetime, but again we use it as an entertainment tool and not to learn and develop ourselves.

Success is not money, cars, houses, sex, clothes and luxury. These are shallow things that you are not going to take with you after you’re gone. Success is being happy, grateful, satisfied and fulfilled. Success is a state of mind. It’s how you view yourself and life. You can feel successful and fulfilled right now. You don’t have to wait for something outside of you to dictate how you’re going to feel. Don’t let society define what success and happiness should be for you.

That doesn’t mean that you give up on your goals. You are actually going to approach them in a different mindset, more relaxed and more fulfilled. When you operate on that mentality, the achievement of your goals becomes easier anyway. You get out of the energy of neediness and desperation, and you enter a creative mode. Entering that state of creativity requires fulfillment and completeness from within. If you are chasing and trying too hard you put yourself in a desperate energy, in survival mode, you become needy and that is unattractive not only on the outside, but in the mental world as well. You start attracting things and situations in your life that are going to trigger the desperateness in you. You attract who you are and not what you want.

Success is being defined by influencers, movies and the mainstream media as financial success, but financial success is only a small aspect of what success really is. You should aim for happiness and fulfillment instead of being fixated on success. When you chase it, it goes away anyway because you operate from a broken mindset. When you are already fulfilled, grateful and happy, success comes as a byproduct because you are “already” successful.

Like energy attracts like energy. Matter is not real. Don’t be so fixated on the material success because what everything really is energy, atoms, electrons, molecules that are vibrating in such a high frequency that they give the illusion of matter. Everything is energy, even the paper that you call money. Those molecules are like a light show that you see in festival. Those spinning things with light give you the illusion of a circle shape, but it’s just a single light point spinning around fast giving the illusion in your brain that it is a shape of a circle.

That’s what those molecules that give us the illusion of matter are doing. They are vibrating in such a high frequency that our eyes see matter as something solid. You might wonder that, if everything is just molecules and energy, and nothing is what it seems to be, why can’t I walk through a wall? Look at it this way. A box full of shallow ping pong balls, if structured in the right way, can hold your weight if you stand on without breaking them. The same thing is happening with those molecules that shape the illusion of matter. They are structured in a way that can withstand an amount of force on them.

With that in mind, just know that everything is energy. Our eyes only interpret 1% of the light spectrum. So, we are seeing just the 1% of what’s really out there. Don’t be fixated on that 1%. Everything that you want is energy, and you are built with that same energy as well. Like energy attracts like energy so, be the quality that you want to experience and stay on that mental state. Be happy and fulfilled now. Be grateful and satisfied now. Feel abundant and secured now. Reality has no other choice but to reflect back your mental state of being.

Success, money, status, love, power is all just ideas, states of mind and byproducts of your energy. Also, these things do not indicate success. Happiness is the real success. So, you want a better life? Stop chasing it and become that ideal that already has the perfect life.