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Escaping the degenerate culture

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

We all used to hang out with degenerates, with people that all they do is party, drink, smoke and have no other goal but trying to impress people.

Then something clicked in you and you started developing yourself. Started eating right, drinking less, working out more, reading more and generally adopting a healthier lifestyle.

One of the side effects of developing yourself is that all those degenerates will be gone from your life and you’ll find yourself alone for some time because no one wants to build their life and escape the degenerate lifestyle. That’s when the transformation takes place, in solitude.

It’s lonely at the top and you’ll feel that once you start developing yourself. As you raise your status, fewer and fewer people will be around you to support you.

That’s because you either can’t find valuable people so easily or because people start feeling uncomfortable around you and they distance themselves so you don’t disrupt their comfort zones.

The trap here is that many people think that they are doing something wrong but the reality is, they are doing the right thing, climbing up the pyramid while the masses stay at the bottom.

You might start thinking that you used to have more friends, romantic relationships and more fun when you were hanging out with degenerates but, you’ll never level up and you’ll never do something extraordinary if you keep chasing pleasures, the thing that all the average people do.

Only the strong can escape the degenerate lifestyle but be aware because a lot of temptations will arise. As you raise your status and come to a certain level and results start showing up from your work, a lot of people will start paying attention to you and want to be by your side.

Most of them will be obstacles and distractions from your goals. They don’t really want YOU but your STATUS. A lot of guys fall in this trap when women start appearing in their life.

A woman can be the biggest obstacle to your goals when you cannot control yourself and your urges. I’m not telling you to live like a monk, but don’t lose your ambition by falling in the trap of constantly chasing pleasures again.

A woman can make you or break you, and you must have a clear mind when choosing a partner because now you are at a certain level where any temptation can throw you off and lose everything.

This applies to women too but women are always in control of their urges and any temptations. It’s men that usually lose control over themselves and risk losing everything just for that 5 second feeling of orgasm.

Bottom line is, to raise your status and level, you have to stop hanging out with people that don’t have the same intention for their life. Your environment can really control you and your results in life if you are at the bottom of the pyramid.

The only time that environment has no control over you is when you have master your mind, your emotions, you body, your urges. That takes time, discipline and practice, and that’s why the masses stay at the bottom of the pyramid, the don’t feel like expanding their comfort zone so they prefer to live a comfortable degenerate life.

YOLO is their motto but YOLO people never achieve their dreams or add value to the world, therefore they stay stuck in their 9–5 job that they hate waiting for the weekend so they can have some escape time by slowly killing their body with substances and pleasures.

Most of them are feeling empty and miserable, while others discipline themselves and level up by giving up, at least for a period, all the pleasures so they can live the life that they want.

YOLO is the worst advice that you can get and usually people that say that thing are people with no goals and no ambition, the ones that stay at the bottom of the pyramid living a miserable life with the only goal to impress people by faking their happiness.

You don’t live once, you die once. You live everyday.


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