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Failure does not exist

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Failure does not really exist until we accept it exists. Failure is an idea that we have in our mind when things don’t go as we planned.

The reality is, we just found a way that doesn’t work. This is a lesson that we took and learned something from it, which will lead us to the right path.

Failures are really the steps that take us to your goal. There’s not an elevator to success, we have to take the stairs. And each failure is a stair that takes us there.

We can’t plan life. It’s impossible to know everything all the way to the end result because we never know what you’ll face in the process. We can only plan for the destination that we want to reach, but not the how.

“Failure does not exist. Failure is simply someone else’s opinion of how a certain act should have been completed” — Wayne Dyer

Too much planning and overthinking can cause us some mental troubles and we can waste a lot of time when we could just start. Failing is a bad word, and I don’t even like to call those “unpleasant” events failures anymore.

The moment I switched the word failure with lesson, my life started changing. No successful man became successful from the first try. We have to try, fail, learn and start again. This is how we grow mentally, emotionally and intellectually and this is how we can arrive at our desired destination effortlessly.

There is no one-hit-wonder. If we don’t learn, how are we going to achieve success in a specific industry or area in our life? If we don’t make a bad investment, how are we going to know what is a bad investment? If we don’t lose some customers, how are we going to know what works and what doesn’t? Failures are lessons and we must keep that mindset if we want to arrive at our destination that is called “Success”.

Another thing that you’ll notice is that people who work too hard and push themselves are the ones who call unpleasant events “failures”. When we detach from the outcome and start focusing on the daily tasks that will take us there, we cannot see any failures but only lessons.

Eradicate the word failure and replace it with the word lesson. When we do that our mindset shifts, and when our mindset shifts wonders start appearing in our life. Failure does not exist.


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