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Levels of consciousness and how they affect our life

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Did you ever came across that one guy that seems to always be lucky? You are always put in the most effort, you work the hardest, you overthinking and overanalyzing things trying to get ahead, but always that one guy seems to be getting more results without him even have to work that hard.

Some people call them lucky, but it’s their level of consciousness that brings all these results. Hard work is outdated and is only needed when you are operating from a low level of consciousness. The higher your level of your consciousness, the bigger and better results you get in all of the areas of your life without having to stress and struggle.

There are 12 levels of consciousness according to Dr. David Hawkins books and research. There is a similar scale of consciousness by Frederick Dodson but because I have read and studied a lot about Dr. David Hawkins' work, I will credit him and talk about his research.

Below you’ll see the scale of consciousness.

People operate from different levels of consciousness. The lower your level of consciousness, the more negative results and circumstances you experience in your life. The higher your level of consciousness, the more positive results and circumstances you experience in your life.

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Your level of consciousness also determines what actions and what results you’ll get in life. People in the lower levels of consciousness are usually inactive in life. The energy that they emanate is the one of giving up on life and having no hope. The equivalent results will start being attracted to one’s life which is misery, poverty and illness.

People that are on these low levels of consciousness are in a state of shame, guilt, apathy, grief and fear. These states of mind prevent one to detect opportunities or find solutions to improve their life. Often these low levels of consciousness bring depression and suicidal thoughts.

To overcome these low levels of consciousness requires a paradigm shift, a total reset of mindset and beliefs. This often comes after a big loss, either financial, or a relationship or a death of a loved one. These events bring someone to the lower levels of consciousness mention above, but after some time arouses a higher emotional state inside a person, either desire or anger which lead them to a higher level of consciousness that gives them enough energy to take action.

This can be seen a lot of times in guys that got their heart broken, and decided to build themselves on a level that can get them their exes back. That’s desire or sometimes anger.

In the scale of consciousness above we can see that the states of desire anger and pride lead one to hyperactivity. That’s what we sometimes call toxic productivity. You are putting an enormous hours of work in something in expense of something else, like your health for example or your personal relationships.

Hyperactivity also is not sustainable, as one has a limited amount of energy resources. Overusing those resources leads one to burnout and can also loose everything very easily as the success that one achieves in those states of consciousness does not have a solid foundation and it is mostly built by toxic competition, manipulation and probably using some illegal ways like stealing or removing competitors with force.

After one’s success on these low levels of consciousness, one can go to a higher level of consciousness, the one of pride. This as we can see is still a low state of mind and the person can still be in a hyperactivity mode because of fear of loosing everything. A lot of people on this state of consciousness are being drop shortly after down to the state of shame, because they become a target, and because of the many enemies that they created during the process of achievement.

The next levels of consciousness that changes one’s mindset and way of living completely are courage, neutrality, willingness and acceptance. This is when a person changes the strategy of accomplishing his goals without using any manipulations or illegal ways. That’s when one finds a balance in all areas of their life, health, mental health, finances, relationships, business career and so on.

Courage and neutrality is when one is being optimistic and sometimes emotionless in difficult times. They don’t let external forces influence their peace of mind and take them off their course.

Willingness and acceptance is when one accepts his current life circumstances and decides to do something about it. Is when someone starts developing themselves and solving their life problems or business problems and keep improving in all areas of their life without the mental struggle and burning desperation. That’s when people get more into education, learning new skills, crafting their skills and work daily on their projects.

The next level of consciousness is reason. That’s the level of consciousness that most engineers, researchers, philosophers, teachers and people that are being driven by curiosity about the future or the meaning of life. That’s the level of consciousness where people try to improve the world and solve big problems.

To transcend this level of consciousness requires a paradigm shift, just like transcending from the lowest levels of consciousness of inaction, to the levels of consciousness that pushes someone to take action like desire and anger.

The next levels of consciousness are Peace, Love and Joy. That’s when someone is living fully in the present moment, does what he likes for a living and is driven by his passions. That’s when someone is fully loved with his life and does not expect anything because everything is perfect as it is. That’s when great things are being attracted to one’s life because like energy attracts like energy.

The top level of consciousness that a human can attain is enlightenment but I’m not going to cover that part because of the limited knowledge that I have about that state.

Bottom line is, hard work is required for people that operate from low levels of consciousness. The higher your level of consciousness, the less effort you need to attain good results. Every action that we take is an effect of our state of being, and the action that is being manifested out of that state of being determines the results that one gets in his life.

What I want you to take out of this is that, yes you might need to work hard to achieve your goals, but if there is another, better and more enjoyable way to achieve them, why not take that path?


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