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Mental Alchemy

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Our inner world is the cause of our outer world. Everything out there, everything that we experience, are just reflections of our inner world.

Based on the Natural Law, our personal energy attracts the equivalent energy back to us whether it is relationships, jobs, finances, ideas, opportunities, knowledge etc.

By using force to make changes in the outer world, it’s like trying to clean the mirror so we look better. That’s not how life works.

We live in a microcosm, and a macrocosm. Microcosm is the world within us, our brain that receives thoughts, our heart that generates feelings, our energy that push us into taking action, our neural connections in our brain, our memories, our ideas, our standards, our mindset, habits, health, gut, instincts, etc.

Macrocosm is nothing more than a reflection of the microcosm. If you look at our neural networks in our brain with a microscope, and the Universe with a telescope, you’ll see the same patterns.

If you observe a sunflower, a seashell, and a galaxy, you’ll see the same pattern. If you take a look at our nervous system, and then a leaf, you’ll see the same pattern.

There is an invisible force that creates everyone and everything, and that force is being labeled as Universe, God, Divine and many other things.

When you start thinking in quantum levels, you’ll start noticing patterns in life, and you start controlling yourself, you’ll see that all other areas in your life will start changing over time. That’s not magic, that’s physics.

Our microcosm is what causes all the effects in our macrocosm, and every single one of us lives in its own bubble of reality.

One event can be something negative for someone and something positive for someone else. The event itself has no label.

We are the ones labeling it positive or negative depending on the dominant energy of our microcosm.

If positivity is our dominant energy, then every “unpleasant” event will actually be a chance for us to learn and grow.

To another person who’s most dominant energy is negative, the unpleasant event will stay that way.

An inner Monarchy is what is required by a person in order to achieve freedom in the macrocosm.

Monarchy is when there is a ruler who controls everything, and in your microcosm you need to operate from a Monarchy by being the ruler of your thoughts and feelings, because these mental tools are what determine the next actions that you’re going to take in the physical world.

By operating from an inner Monarchy, you will attract an outer Anarchy. Anarchy is when there is no ruler and no one can control you.

By achieving inner Monarchy, you’ll attract outer Anarchy meaning that no government and no crisis and no negative events and people can limit you or have control over you.

That’s what I mean by Anarchy. Not the type of people who abuse the law and go into riots but the mindset that you can do and achieve whatever you want without worrying about the world’s limitations or controls.

Most people operate from an inner Anarchy therefore they attract an outer Monarchy, meaning that they have a ruler over them, they have limitations on their life and they are being controlled either by a boss, a partner, a government etc.

These people are usually the ones that fight with time and struggle financially, or with their relationships, or who are constantly in stress, working in jobs they don’t like just to survive.

This is an effect of operating from an inner Anarchy. They have no control over their thoughts and feelings therefore their macrocosm reflects back to them the struggles that they have in their microcosm.

As within, so without. To make a change on the outside, we have to go inside first. Everything starts with our mind, with our heart, with our mental well-being, with our microcosm. That’s Mental Alchemy.

Without control over ourselves, we will not have control over our life. Forcing things on the macrocosm to come a certain way, even if we succeed, it will not be sustainable.

It’s like building a house on a sand. There’s no strong foundation underneath therefore it will come down during a storm.

We need a strong foundation within in order to have sustainable results without and that is being done by operating from an inner Monarchy. Gain control over you to gain control over your life.


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