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Non-Linear Dynamics

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

The content of this article is based on the findings of Dr. David Hawkins

We’ve come to a point in history where science is moving beyond the linear realm of Newtonian physics and entering into the invisible and more powerful realm that governs everyone and everything, into non-linear dynamics and quantum mechanics.

A lot of discoveries and answers will be revealed in the coming years and a lot of problems will be solved once we accept that life is not linear, and nothing is causing anything.

In Newtonian physics we learned “this” is causing “that” therefore we are products of our past, and everything in the future will be a product of the present.

Non-linear dynamics prove that causality is merely an illusion and limitation of living life. Everything happens spontaneously without a cause. Everything is merely an expression of its energic field.

Nothing is causing anything. Not even our action. They arise within spontaneously. We are not the ones that think or act, but we are the ones witnessing those activities.

Everything and everyone are expressions of energetic fields. So Non-linear dynamics shows us that cause and effect is not what is really happening, but potentiality becoming actuality.

How is this knowledge going to be useful in our everyday life? Well, your actions are not “Yours” but expressions of your energetic field as mentioned earlier.

The same goes to your goals, mindset, feelings, values, standards and results that you get in everything. Free will is an illusion and control as well. You control nothing but your energetic field.

Everything that we do today, they way we think that life works and the way we operate is based on our unconscious programming that happened during school time. Everything that we were taught about life was based on Newtonian physics, based on the linear realm.

Everything happens automatically on the linear realm but many of us are caught up with in the projections of physical plane and try to force and control things to come a certain way only to fall apart or fail.

These actions are again not yours but expressions of your energetic field. By becoming aware that you are just observing your reality, you can change your energetic field and become the quality that you want to experience.

That’s the only thing that you have control over, your energetic field.

If you want love, abundance and prosperity, then the only thing that you can do is match that energetic field and watch it express itself through you.

All the ideas, thoughts and actions that you’ll take will just be expressions of that field. Nothing is yours and nothing is being done by you. Everything is happening automatically.

The more you relax , the more you align yourself to the ideal energetic field. Hunches, inspiration, intuitive decisions, actions, thoughts and everything are just expressions of the invisible. You are just the outlet of that energetic field.

When you feel that you want to force something to come a certain way, or feeling impatience, know that these are expressions of your energetic field.

What you want to focus on is on acting like you already are the ideal person that “has” the things that you want to experience.

Only then you’ll match the energetic field that contains within it those expressions and experiences. There’s nothing else that you can do.

Getting too caught up in the linear realm will not only slow you down, but most likely you’ll never experience any sustainable results or fill the void within.

Live, feel, think and act as you already are the ideal person. Become the field and stop identifying with the linear realm.

Let the energetic field project itself through you. That’s the only think that you can do and the only thing that you have control over.

Think of it as a remote control and a television. You don’t have control on what the channels are going to show you, but you have the remote control and you can change it till you find something that you like.

The projection of the tv is not in your control but only the remote. That’s the energetic field, and our physical plane the projection of it.


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