Operate from a place of fulfillment

As mentioned in my previous article, there are a lot of unexpected factors that contribute to the final outcome of anything that you are trying to achieve and they are outside of our control. One thing that differentiates the high achievers from people who do not get any big results is the state of consciousness that they operate from.

You see, overthinking and overanalyzing has less impact than operating from a fulfilled state of consciousness. States of consciousness are mental places that we, as individual personalities dwell upon. We leave from this world after a period of time, but those mental states of consciousness remain.

Just like moving to a new city. You’ll leave the world at one time, but the city will remain. Mental states are the same thing and operating from a state of fulfillment is how you get the best outcomes as reality is mental and not material.

States of consciousness are your mental environments. Just like your physical environment, you have a mental environment which is your state of consciousness. The one influences the other. If there’s chaos in your mental environment, you’ll manifest that chaos in your physical environment and vice versa.

When there’s order in your mental environment, you’ll always manifest order on your physical environment. And when I say physical environment, I don’t just mean your surroundings, but the things you’re working on as well, your projects, your way of doing certain tasks, your way of communicating your message, your way of influencing people etc.

So, after some experiments you’ll realize that indeed, the state of consciousness that you operate from before taking any action has a bigger impact on the final outcome than conscious analysis. The quality of your decisions and actions are a manifestation of your state of consciousness.

You cannot consciously take the right path, but only have faith when you operate from a place of fulfillment and completeness and not from a place of desperateness and neediness. When you are needy, you make decisions based on your current feelings, which is a very low state of consciousness. When you act out of fear, you operate from a low level of consciousness. The quality of decisions and actions are low as everything that comes out of you is a manifestation of your mental state of being.

Needing something is a desperate energy, and nothing of quality comes out of that energy. It’s another thing to want something and another thing to need. Wanting to change is the 1st step of change, but when your wants become your needs, you emanate a different energy that calibrates low, and you tend to bring undesirable results, as neediness sabotages yourself and you ignore your instincts and hunches because you are so focused on the thing that you need.

You tend to follow a linear path when you come to this state of neediness as you desperately trying with your limited conscious efforts to bring certain results in a certain way at a certain time.

Wanting something on the other hand and being detach from the process and timeframes, will most likely bring more desirable results than being desperate, because wanting and trusting the invisible that it will somehow guide you to your desired outcomes and being detach on the how and the when, you tend to listen more to yourself.

You pay more attention to the signs that your subconscious mind is giving you either by sparks of inspiration, instincts, hunches, gut feelings and outside sources. Being desperate blocks all of these signs as you rely more on your limited conscious efforts. So don’t let your wants become needs.

Operate from a place of completeness instead of a place of lack, because you always bring back results that are equivalent to the quality of your actions, and your quality of your actions are effects of the quality of your thoughts, and your thoughts are manifestations of your state of consciousness.


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