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Self-fulfillment over Self-improvement

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

People that are trying to improve often find themselves consuming content to the point that it becomes addictive and gives them the illusion of improvement.

Taking action on that knowledge has a bigger chance to offer someone improvement in a certain area as experience is more powerful than consumption, and experience registers in one’s brain more easily as he uses more than 1 sense of their body.

The best kind of “improvement” someone can experience is withdrawing all of their energy into the present moment and relaxing in it.

When you do that, you built up enough energy within you, which then seeks an outlet and drives you towards taking the right actions at the right time with you having a peak performance at the task in hand.

That happens by inspiration, and inspired actions comes to someone when he is relaxed and fully present.

Wishful thinking, affirmations, visualization and generally any other technique that a lot of self-help gurus preach are a good start to set your mindset right but there comes a point where one becomes obsessed with all these practices and they spend their energy everyday on them without actually taking action with that new mindset that they now operate from.

Action is the medium between the mental plane of existence and the physical one. Action is the translation of thought into result, and many people stay in the mental plane without manifesting their thoughts or ideas into the physical plane.

Self-improvement is a dangerous form of vanity — Alan Watts

The best thing that you can do is reduce consumption from podcasts, books, videos, and articles and just focus on the present moment, on what’s in front of you, and drop all desires for your future and regrets from your past.

When you do that, all that energy that was being projected in your past and future starts being concentrated in your present moment, within you, and it will start navigate you towards the right things at the right time.

You see, on the external then, people will say that you have improved, but the only thing that you did is you gave up the need of improvement.

We are built up by energy, and the frequency of that energy that vibrates within us attracts the equivalent energy in our lives.

When you project that energy into the past or the future, you don’t have enough in your present moment, and everything exists in the present moment, hence you attract people and events that have the equivalent energy of your present moment.

Consumption of knowledge is good until one point, but then you have to translate that knowledge into action, you have to translate the theory into practice, and you have to give to the world the gift of your upgraded mind from the consumption of knowledge. When you just consume without producing anything, you are just being played by the self-help industry.

Bottom line is, the need for improvement is the very thing that you do not experience the improvement that you want to see in your life. Everything is energy and for a better life you need a better energy management, not more improvement.


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