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Take regular naps

There are different brain waves, or brain states that our brain goes through during our day. We’re only going to talk about 2 of them. The beta brainwave and the alpha brainwave. The beta brainwave is when our brains are in full alert, when we are fully awake and working or doing something. The alpha brainwave is when our brains are relaxed, right before you go to sleep, right after you wake up, and when you are in flow or “in the zone” while doing an activity.

When our brains are in alpha brainwave state, it is most suggestible and more easily communicable with our subconscious. That’s the state that our conscious manifests solutions, ideas and insights to problems and challenges that we are facing, and that’s the state that we can more easily influence our subconscious and program our mind as we like to become the ideal person that gets the results that we seek.

Now usually our brains are in that state only 2 times per day, before going to sleep, and right after we wake up BUT, regular naps here come in handy. Not only you can influence your subconscious more than 2 times per day, but naps tidy up the mess in your mind and clears your thoughts and ideas giving you clarity and calmness, the things that you need to come up with a breakthrough.

Creative people, from artists to entrepreneurs, take regular naps so they can boost their creativity on building a piece of art, finding a solution to a problem, creating an innovative product and communicating regularly with their subconscious which holds all the answers anyway. Naps for 20-30 minutes are also called “powernaps”, and they jumpstart your creativity, restore your energy, charge your brain and fills you with enough power to attract solutions, insights or even go for an activity.

When artist Salvador Dalí and inventor Thomas Edison needed inspiration, they turned to a specific nap technique. They tried to sleep while holding a small object in their hands, which would then clatter to the floor and wake them up just as they started to doze off. When they woke, they'd go straight to work while in an alpha brainwave state. Alexander the Great and Albert Einstein used a similar technique if the source is right. Naps are not just simple naps, they have power behind them if done with intention.

The dreamlike phase you dwell into right after you wake up holds power, as the wheel is still on your subconscious and not on your conscious. Knowing how your brain works is necessary as is the thing that you need to come up with solutions, inspiration, ideas and breakthroughs. It’s not only working on perfecting your body and your appearance, but you also have to take the time to learn your brain and train/work with it.

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