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The alchemy of knowledge

There are 2 ways in which one can grow and learn about life. The one way is through living it and gaining experience up until you hit your 40s — 50s, and the other way, the fastest way, is through reading books. By reading a book you gain knowledge that people lived many years to acquire in order to put them all in a book.

In essence, you take their insights, advice, knowledge and wisdom and adding it to your own knowledge and personality. You are literally adding hundreds of years of knowledge in just a week or two. You are getting into the minds of real people, that lived in different eras of this life, and to really get into the mind of someone in the past is by reading their words and thoughts through their books, there’s no other way. A lot of times, the best advice and mentorship you won’t get it from people that are alive, but from the dead.

People that had significant lives and passed on information that impacted generations for hundreds if not thousands of years. That’s the mentors that you want to have in your life and not someone who has never read and hasn’t expanded his knowledge and consciousness about life or made anything significant. I’m not saying that these people are not good and not valuable for you, but in books you have conversations with titans of the past like Dale Carnegie, Lao Tzu, Rockefeller, and many other big personalities by reading their biographies and getting into their minds.

Books can be the best mentors one can have as the writer behind the book had a different perspective about life and a different lifestyle, but their advice and knowledge withstand the years of evolution and still affects positively people in today’s generation, from stoic philosophers, eastern philosophers and spiritual teaches to business magnates and history makers.

Everyone today is so obsessed with the newest trends, latest news, sports, celebrity gossip and political drama, but those things are short — lived, short cheap dopamine spikes. The only thing that withstands time and adds real value to someone’s life is information, valuable information, and valuable information is found only in books.

Humanity has been around for so long, and every problem that you have, someone else had as well, so visiting the past and taking advice from the people that lived in previous generations might actually be the best way to go for solving most of your problems and finding insights and breakthroughs. So, if you can’t find someone to think and talk with, turn to the past by reading some old books.

As Seneca said, reading old books gets you to add all the years that the author lived onto your own life. The past holds many truths, many insights, many ideas and solutions to today’s problems, so instead of being obsessed with celebrity gossip, political drama, Twitter conflicts, Instagram influencers, sports and latest news, visit the past, hear what other, powerful people of the past have to say instead of listening only to today’s “gurus” and “experts”.

You want to surround yourself with better people than you if you want to level up, but those people sometimes are books, as all they have to say is written in them. Books can really be the best mentors that you’ll ever have. You can take advice from every legend in the past by reading their biographies and books.

What’s better than taking advice from those legends? It can jumpstart your business, upgrade your mindset, solve your problems faster, boost your creativity, generate ideas and give you a new perspective to life.

Information is one of the most valuable assets in humanity. But I’m talking about valuable information that can impact your life positively. Thanks to the internet today, we all have access to information and knowledge than Aristotle would never be able to stumble upon in his entire lifetime. But people are so lazy or ignorant that they use it just for entertainment.

The small percentage of the population that takes advantage of this technology and does not let this technology take advantage of them, are the ones that are going to make a change not only in their lives, but in the world as well.

We are moving rapidly in terms of innovation, and people are becoming stupider or smarter. The small percentage that guards their minds from the Tik-Toks and the Reels and the Tweets and feeding them with knowledge and valuable information are tomorrow’s leaders, either in the political arena or in business.

You don’t have to ditch your social media, the whole world is there, but you have to change who you follow. You become what you consume, so guard your mind and surround not only your physical environment, but your digital environment as well with influential people that are going to help you make a change.

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