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The future belongs to the right brainers

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Left brainers were always the ones that got the praise and considered genius and valuable in this world. Engineers, lawyers, doctors, economists, analysts etc. Of course we need these kind of people, but things are changing, our needs are changing, and AI seems to be taking over our jobs.

But something AI cannot give is a feeling of authenticity, originality, an art, creativity, hospitality, imagination, story-telling, spark minds, motivate and inspire people. AI in a few years could take over most of the “left-brain” jobs. Basic coding, automate accounting, data analysis and most probably replace a few fields in medical and law careers.

That’s one of the reasons that the future will belong to the right brainers. A new type of leadership is being born and these are the kind of people that the world needs most right now. We need more artists, coaches, teachers, psychologists, writers, novelists, inventors, storytellers, visionaries, influencers and people that can spark minds and inspire people.

We need more empathetic leaders, that can understand other people, that can listen, that can inspire, that can relate and help them become better. We don’t need more authoritarian managers, we don’t need more bosses or more supervisors, or more politicians who only care about their pocket and their agenda.

The future belongs to a different kind of people with a different kind of thinking. We were accustomed to think of these people as failures, people who are not grounded and have no future. Times are changing, and their time is coming. These kind of people are going to be the new leaders, the new teachers and the new business magnates, and their way of thinking will reflect outwards, onto the world.

New faces will be appearing in the political arena with heart, drive and genuine intentions. New teachers will be appearing with a different unorthodox way of teaching, new entrepreneurs will be appearing in different fields of business with a different way of approach, different way of thinking, different way of doing business and a different way of giving value to the world and solving problems.

A new paradigm is being born in the world, and people with a fixed, rational and “realistic” mindset will find it difficult to adapt to changes. People with a competitive mindset will find it difficult to succeed, people with no creativity will find it difficult to innovate and people with an authoritarian personality will find it difficult to climb the corporate ladder.

Happiness will be the priority and not money. People nowadays are chasing success, money and recognition not because of the things themselves, but for the feeling behind them which is fulfillment and happiness. You cannot be fully happy and complete if you are chasing these feelings, if you are overanalyzing things and always try to solve problems that most of them don’t really exist.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good trying to solve problems, but most people’s approach is incremental, “logical”, rational and very “realistic” which brings mediocre results.

“Being realistic is the most commonly travelled road to mediocrity” — Will Smith

This comes down to their life as well and what they believe they can achieve. They think small and always try to copy and compete others.

This is not their fault. This is how schools teach us to operate. This is why it’s difficult to be original, to create something new and to avoid competition. We are wired in this way and people find it difficult to change their way of thinking. We are wired to obey and follow rules and standards of society, to be the same as everyone else, have the same jobs as everyone else, do the same things as everyone else and think like everyone else.

“The education system rewards obedience. It rewards compliance. It rewards following the rules, no matter how arbitrary and valueless they may be. No one ever changed the world by obeying.” — Isaac Morehouse

Click here to check my article about how the education system is outdated and does not serve most of us anymore.

It takes a right-brainer to break society’s boundaries, to bring something new and original to the world, to lead and inspire millions around the world and to raise the bar of limitation in anything. “Unrealistic” people are usually the ones that bring “unrealistic” results.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” — Steve Jobs

Many people are transitioning from having more to being more. More is never enough when it comes to material things, but being more is something that will actually benefit this world.

We were also raised in a system that didn’t appreciate passion.

The purpose of life was to get money and not follow our passions. This is also changing. More and more people start ignoring those “rules” of society, and start following their hearts and trusting their intuition.

Our passion is God’s purpose. We are drawn to certain activities for a reason, it might be the reason that we are here, it might be the gateway of giving value to the world, sparking minds, inspiring people and bringing something unique and original that is bigger than us and will last longer than our bodies.

If you still don’t know what your passion or calling is, check your environment. What you were drawn into when you were a child or in what activities are you drawn most into today and what’s the tools available to you right now that allow you to work on it? Sometimes it’s right in front of us but we cannot see it because of all the thinking.


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