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The illusion of "Success"

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Take out recognition from the equation, you’re left with the journey. Would you still keep going or give up? Are you doing it for you or for the recognition?

If it’s the latter, you’re probably going to be left disappointed. Doing your work just for you actually gives you more chances of recognition, and of course happiness because you do not expect anything out from it.

Who determines who’s successful and who’s not? Who determines what success means? Success can mean a lot of things other than money and a luxurious life.

Success can be being a good parent, a good partner, having good grades at school, getting a promotion, having time to spend with your loved ones and for some others might be being financially free, having the freedom to go anywhere anytime etc.

Don’t let “successful” people tell you what you should do with your life, what success should mean for you, and generally stop thinking about success. Don’t engage yourself in activities and projects just for the feeling of success and recognition, do it for you and you only.

If you are anticipating the destination without enjoying the journey, you’ll most likely won’t be satisfied while you arrive there, or even worse you might never arrive. Learn to enjoy the process and do things for you and not for getting validation from other people. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Do it for yourself.

Doing that will anyways attract people to follow your work and journey as authenticity and originality draws attention and sparks minds. When you don’t care what other people have to say and do things for yourself will keep you happy as well. People are more attracted to happy people.

If you feel like doing something, then do it and do your best. Don’t engage yourself with activities or people just to take something out of it. Don’t work on things just because you want the results, and generally don’t look forward for a particular destination, it makes the process much harder.

Instead bring back all of your energy and direct it in what feels right to you. Stop expecting people to like you and don’t do it for them anyway. Do things for yourself. If you feel like writing a blog or a book or creating something, do it for you. If you do it for you the results will be better than expected.

Stop chasing recognition, stop chasing success, stop chasing followers, likes, money and validation. Most people do something to get these things. They do it from a place of scarcity, fear and neediness. The work that comes out from that will be the equivalent of your state.

“Don’t work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition” — H. Jackson Brown Jr.

If you already feel whole and complete, and if you already feel happy and grateful and do something just because you feel like it without having expectations of being recognized for your work, the quality of that work will be way higher than when you do something out of neediness.

Your state of mind determines the results that you get in your life, and doing things for recognition is not the right way. Remove all expectations and you’ll see that you start getting better results while being happier at the same time.

The thing that most people chase today is success, and maybe that’s why they don’t feel successful. Let me tell you a hard truth, success doesn’t exist, it’s an illusion, a scam made by an industry to sell you hope.

You buy a book because you want success, you buy courses because you want success, you work on projects because you want success, but all success is is a brain chemical reaction, an emotion, something that you generate within.

Of course it’s good working on projects and creating things and making an impact in the world by helping other people but don’t do it having the wrong intentions. Success is an illusion, stop chasing it.

I’m also not suggesting to stop buying and reading self-help books if they really help, they are the reason anyway that I changed my life for the better, but know why you are buying them and reading them, don’t let the illusion of success trap you into buying courses and books without practicing the knowledge that you gain from them. Have in mind that the people selling you these things are not better than you.

Some say that knowledge is power and this is another one lie. Knowledge that’s put into use is power, not knowledge itself, and that’s why I’m telling you to be careful what courses and books you’re buying, don’t get into a loop of buying just for the sake of buying.

Read it, research it, practice it and see for any results. I got myself into the trap of chasing success by buying books, courses, consultation services etc. The only books and courses that really helped me were the ones that I’ve putted the knowledge into practice.

Knowledge is not power unless it is used

That’s how you level up fast, using what you’ve learnt, not going to the next one. Reading one book and practicing the knowledge can have a bigger impact in your life than reading 100 books.

So to conclude, stop chasing success, and stop letting other people define what success should me for you. If you buy a course or a book or anything that has to do with self improvement, use the knowledge, don’t just throw your money like that.


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