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The limitation of thinking

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Stress is an effect of thinking. Thinking is something that we do, thoughts are something that arise within us. We have thoughts, and we cannot really stop having them, but we can stop thinking and clinging to them.

Thinking is getting a thought that arose in your mind and contemplating it. Thinking takes you away from the present moment and projects you into the past or the future.

Memories are something that put your brain in thinking mode, and depending on the programming of your mind, you’ll generate positive or negative emotions within you that are going to affect your nervous system and state of mind, and then ripple out in your words and actions and the quality of results that you get in your relationships, job, business, sports or anything.

That’s how powerful negativity can be, it starts from something small and compounds and ripples out in all areas of your life.

Thinking is of course needed in complex situations but remember that your gut is a much stronger decision maker than your limited capacity of logical and linear thinking.

You gut is like a chemical computer and it’s million times more powerful than any AI software or quantum computer out there. You just need to take care of it just like you take care of the devices that you use everyday.

Gut health is directly related to your state of mind, and your state of mind is the thing that attracts to you thoughts, ideas, hunches and inspirations that are on the same level of it. Now shifting your focus from thinking about your past to thinking about your future is a much better place to operate from, especially if you have an abundance mindset and you are optimistic about it.

But again, a lot of people dwell too much in the future that they usually end up overthinking and stress is always a byproduct of it. Overthinking not only gives you stress but false assumptions and illusions that something bad is going to happen, and again this is a biological response of our limbic system that is trying to keep us alive.

Many people think that their partners are cheating on them and have arguments based on their false assumptions of overthinking, and many other people don’t take action because of the fear of failure that again is an effect of overthinking and generally all fears come as a product of overthinking.

We can see how thinking can actually generate false assumptions, beliefs and emotions about other people, about our choices, and about life in general.

A scarcity mindset is again an effect of overthinking and generally every negative emotion that brings down your immune system and weakens your nervous system is a byproduct of overthinking.

Thoughts and thinking are two different things, and you want to avoid thinking too much, and start trusting your gut intelligence more than your limited conscious perception that is based on linear and logical thinking only.

Conscious thinking requires excessive energy and that is a fact. Chess players are not fat for a reason, they spend tremendous amounts of energy on thinking.

Now if you are not a mathematician, or a chess player, or a scientist or philosopher of any kind, you could actually use that energy for something more productive like improving your body, your mind, your relationships, your business, your job career or and any other area of your life.

I’m not saying that thinking is bad, but it is if it’s negative or too much for no apparent reason. You might be thinking “But how am I going to get ideas on how to innovate or start a business or anything that can improve my life”? The answer is, you don’t have to think about it because your body, subconscious, nervous system, Universe, God or whatever you want to call it will take you on a path where you’ll grow and improve automatically.

Growth is the default, but when you don’t have enough energy within you to let it direct you towards growth, you are left depleted and the only tool that you have is your limited conscious, linear and logical perception.

That’s the slow way. When you stop wasting energy on overthinking and lust, you build up enough energy within you, and believe me, that energy is conscious and has intelligence and wants to grow and improve its host, which is you.

Growth is automatic when you have energy, so stop trying too much and let yourself improve, because again trying is thinking, and too much trying is too much thinking which leaves you depleted.

You want to operate from a state of abundance, a state of fullness and completeness by being relaxed and having faith. That’s how you get better results in anything.


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