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The missing link of the Law of Attraction

A lot of people who are in the journey of personal development, have come across that theory called the Law of Attraction.

Many of them were skeptical about it as there are no proofs that it works. It’s not something that you can actually test and validate immediately like the Law of Gravity. So, a lot of people discredit this theory while many others swear by it.

No matter if it works or not, it changes your mindset, at least for me. I came across this theory 2 years ago while binge watching videos on YouTube. A part of the movie “The secret” showed up and I watched it. Something clicked inside of me after that, I cannot exactly describe the feeling, maybe it was faith that I can do something meaningful and offer something valuable to the world. That day my whole life changed.

That was the day when I started making significant changes in my life, but up until now, I can not know for sure if the Law of Attraction really is a thing or just a motivator, but my mindset and my perspective about life have changed and is really serving me.

I don’t spend so much time studying and reading about Law of Attraction, or any other Law of the Universe and spiritual practice today because there is a missing link that a lot of “gurus” and books miss to address and that is taking action.

We live in a world that requires time and action to bring forth your desires, but I suspect that all of these online spiritual gurus just sell what people want to hear, “You don’t have to take action, let the Universe bring it to you”.

The wrong thing about that is that, the Universe might show you the opportunity but if you don’t take the opportunity that is presented in front of you, you’ll not get any results.

The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.

If you ask for something, the opportunity will present itself but its up to you to take it. The Universe won’t make you wealthy, it gives you the opportunity to be wealthy. The Universe won’t make you happy, it gives you the opportunity to be happy. It’s on us whether we take the opportunities or not.

From personal experiences I have realized that life is just a mirror of us, and if you take action, the Universe will back you up and meet you halfway.

Now taking action is how you manifest your desires but struggling and fighting yourself, in other words, the working hard mentality that a lot of people have can backfire at them. Yes, the Universe mirrors you, and if you take action it takes action, but if you are desperate and Trying too hard to get something, it runs away.

There’s has to be a balance between action and letting the Universe do its part. It all comes down to our state of being. Taking action from a loving and joyous state will have you backed up by the Universe, but if you take action out of fear and neediness, you will actually bring into your life more fear and more neediness.

In your neediness you repel. In your completeness you attract.

A lot of people who are very much invested in the Law of Attraction are still broke and achieved little to nothing in their life because all they do is think good thoughts and feel positive.

Don’t get me wrong, this is the Alpha and the Omega of improving your life, but if you don’t take any action, you won’t see any significant changes.

It’s like having the ingredients to cook a meal, but you are waiting for the meal to prepare and cook itself. You have the mental tools and the knowledge but you are not putting them in use.

Taking action is how you put them into use, and you also show your faith to the Universe. That then will be reflected back in your life.

To conclude, the Law of Attraction always works but people don’t use it correctly. Like energy attracts like energy. The Universe in other words mirrors you. If you take action, it will take action with you and meet you halfway. That’s the part that a lot of people missed.


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