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The never ending cycle of subjective improvement

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

A lot of people get in the trap of self-improvement. Improving yourself is a good thing don't get me wrong, but when someone keeps buying books and courses trying to find an answer is the real trap.

Many people have the idea that improvement should be significant, a one time event that is going to change their life, but the reality is, improvement is a small thing that happens daily without you even realizing it. But the constant searching for an answer to solve your problems is the real problem that the self-help industry puts you into.

When you read a book on letting go and being in the present moment, you become that person because you become what you read. Therefore, you embody all the practices of those books.

But because you keep buying and reading books, you embody other practices leaving behind the previous knowledge from the other books without fully experiencing the results from that knowledge.

Now from letting go and being present, you go full into hard work, hustle and high levels of productivity.

Then you read a book on Taoism, and you embody this practice and leave behind the previous knowledge from the other books that you read.

Then you keep going, buying and reading more “self-improvement” books. The problem here is that, you can’t stop and embody 1 practice and stick to it until you see results. You go from one practice to the next.

“If we are unduly absorbed in improving our lives we may forget altogether to live them.”  — Alan Watts

In my belief, after so many books, courses and trial and errors, the best practice that I’ve ever embodied and got the best results came from these 3 books:

  • “Power vs Force” by David Hawkins

  • “Letting Go” by David Hawkins

  • “The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle

If anyone got started his journey or is about to start his journey towards becoming a better version of himself, these 3 books is a must.

Nothing else can bring sustainable results in your life. It’s all about who you have become, and not what you are doing. Being over doing.

When you focus on the being, the doing will come spontaneously without you having to force yourself to do anything.

Releasing your past trauma and letting go of what you think is holding you back is really what you need to do to see big improvement in yourself.

Then just being focused on the present moment and doing what you have to do without attachments to outcomes and goals.

Doing the work just for the sake of the work. The results will come anyway.

When you are being focused on this practice only, everything else will fall in place for you.

You are focusing on you instead of the external things that you think you have to go and work on in order to have what you want.

When you are fully present without attachments and operating beyond the mind, all the actions will come through you spontaneously at the right moment.

That’s the best practice and the only one that I really saw big changes and big results in my life.

But then, because I thought I had to keep improving myself, I kept buying and reading other books which were talking about other practices, and soon enough I left that practice to follow the next one only to find myself forcing things and being confused on why things don’t work as they used to.

Then we all get into the loop of buying books trying to find an answer when we have already encountered it in the beginning.

Just like a hero’s journey in a movie. The answer most of the time is in front of him at the very beginning, but he goes into a long journey only to arrive back where he started and to find it.

Bottom line is, more books does not always mean better you. Embody one practice and stick to it until you see results.

With commitment is how you change things. Not jumping from the one thing to the other. Commitment to one practice, one idea, one place, one business, one partner is how you get results in anything. Practice the knowledge from a book until you see results, then move to the next one if you want to. Don't just be a consumer.


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