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The power of gratitude

Most people are conditioned to feel grateful only after they receive something. In other words, other people have control over their emotional states, other people dictate whether one should feel grateful or not, but you have to take control over yourself, over your mind, over your life and stop waiting for someone else to make you feel good.

Start embracing your future emotions because when you do that you change the your gene expression, and by repetition of the feeling of gratitude, you’ll somehow find more joy and more things to feel grateful for, and as you reprogram your mind’s filter or also known as “Reticular Activating System”, you’ll be more focused on the things that make you feel fulfilled, and your subconscious will try to reinforce that feeling of fulfillment and gratitude by navigating you towards more situations that are going to trigger those emotional states.

Fulfillment tends to attract everything, as like attracts like. Don’t you sometimes see, how one person who’s striving and working hard ruthlessly and forcefully, trying to accomplish his goals by tearing apart potential and existing relationships, and still doesn’t get satisfactory outcomes, while someone calm, grounded, grateful, fulfilling and happy person gets more done without disrupting anyone? Gratitude puts you in a place where you operate from love and excitement and not from neediness and rashness.

Outcomes out of love and excitement tend to be better, because your thoughts and actions are aligned with the source, and the source is love. When you are needy and desperate, working so hard trying to fill your void within by accomplish a certain goal disconnects you from the source and nature, therefore you are all alone, making it harder for you and everyone around you.

There is a notion that success is an outcome of hard work, suffering and ruthless forceful actions, but this is not always the case. Actually most successful people didn’t suffer as much as society thinks. They’re just in the momentum of winning, giving and receiving. It’s like a wheel that moves effortlessly towards a destination. The only hard part is the beginning, where you have to push yourself to be grateful and act out of love and be in a receiving mode and take action on your ideas until it becomes your new normal, your new identity.

This is what someone called it a hypnotic rhythm, maybe Napoleon Hill, and it is absolutely true. You are either in a hypnotic rhythm of winning or losing. As time goes by, the momentum gets stronger and therefore, if you are losing, it will be hard for you to change the direction of your momentum towards winning BUT this does not mean is impossible.

Just like changing direction of a moving wheel takes a lot of force and effort, that’s how hard it is to change someone’s hypnotic rhythm of his life momentum. And once you change directions, you have to keep pushing the wheel of momentum until it gains tractions and starts moving effortlessly. We are all trapped within a hypnotic rhythm, whether a rhythm of winning or failing.

Gratitude is what keep the wheel of winning going, as it charges you with energy thanks to its dopamine secretion that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Gratitude is the signature that what you want is yours already and that’s how you create a ripple effect in the mental world where you start attracting more things and situations that are going to keep you grateful.

Being grateful does not mean that you stop pursuing your goals and dreams, it just makes the process a lot easier and exciting. Don’t you see how many rich people are unhappy? Either because they messed up their health or their relationships towards the accomplishment of their goals and now, they are alone with no friends and real love just for the sake of “success”? Be grateful for what you have in your life and never strive to succeed alone. Success is sweeter when it is shared with your close ones, keep that in mind during the process.

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