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The power of patience

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Having motivation is essential for starting but if you rely on motivation alone you will be left disappointed like all the people who have no patience..

You see, success is nothing more than patience and consistency. Success is just a byproduct of the time that you are being engaged in something.

Always prefer consistency over intensity. Intensity is just a short burst of energy that does nothing much actually in the long-term.

That’s why motivation is not needed for success but inspiration. There’s a big difference between these two.

Motivation is just a short-term feeling that you have and use towards a goal, but motivation runs out soon enough and all you have left is your discipline.

Consistency and patience are formed by having discipline, so if you only rely on your feelings and you're waiting for motivation to push you, you are in bad luck, you are still in the crowd that just pushes and pushes but never sees sustainable results.

Having inspiration is having a vision. Long-term strategy with long-term vision will inspire you to take action every day and you won’t even feel that you are pushing your way to your goal but that you are being pulled by it.

Work becomes more effortless and you are not in a hurry because you know it will take time. Inspiration will spark motivation anyway, so mastering the one skill that very few are willing to master, will take you on an elite level in your field. That skill is patience.

In a world where everyone can get everything in a matter of minutes, like hot food, artificial sex, online shopping, seeing hot girls on Instagram and generally that feeling of instant gratification makes everyone impatient.

All you need today to stand out in your field is some discipline and patience.

The world today expects instant results in almost everything, and the desire for these results are the very thing that keeps them from seeing them.

“In other words, any act that rejects immediate gratification in favor of long-term grown, health, or integrity. Or, expressed another way, any act that derives from our high nature instead of our lower. Any of these will elicit Resistance.” Steven Pressfield

They want love now, they want profits now, they want to make an impact now, they want the status now, but all these thing need time, patience and consistency.

You can’t make a girl love you from the 1st week. If that’s the case just know its not love, its enthusiasm, and it will not be sustainable.

Short-term profits will most likely kill your company’s longevity if you don’t reinvest them back.

Quitting one job after another will not take you on a high status position as you need to stay in one place, and cultivate trust and build relationships and get promotions.

“We’re becoming impatient and lazy and we’re allowing this to shape our approach to our relationships. But successful relationships aren’t handed over on a plate, or downloaded at the click of a button, or ours in twenty-four hours for just £9.99 extra. Relationships are up there with food, water, clothing and shelter and you can’t just buy them or trade them in for an upgrade.” Sam Owen

Instant results is what everyone is seeking nowadays and this is why they don’t see any. Easy come, easy go. What is hard to earn, is hard to be lost. Develop some patience and see miracles happen.


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