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The principle of not forcing

We were taught from a young age that hard work is necessary for success. We were told that the more hours of work that we put in, the faster and bigger our success will be.

That’s another one lie that the current system is trying to force into our minds. It’s not how many hours of work or how hard you work that brings the most results, but the quality of your work.

This is where we understand how our level of consciousness affect the results that we get in our life. The higher your level of consciousness, the easier and more effortless everything will be for you. Hard work is required for people who operate from a low level of consciousness.

The reason that society convinced you that hard work is necessary for success and to have a comfortable living is because that’s how it works for them. I don’t blame them, I don’t blame anyone and I don’t judge anyone.

Everyone is on their own level of consciousness and that doesn’t mean that the person with a higher consciousness is better than the one with a lower. Everyone is needed to play its role and hold this life in place.

If you are still reading this that means you are on a high level of consciousness or you have to potential to go there. Before you continue any further I would suggest to read this article about the levels of consciousness and how they affect our lives to get a deeper understanding in what I’m going to talk about next.

Now, the higher your level of consciousness, the more effortless your actions will be and the results will be coming to you instead of forcing yourself to them. What you resist, persist and forcing yourself is a resistance to your present moment.

Mindful action is how you achieve big success without the unnecessary stress. Success without stress in other words.

When you operate from a higher level of consciousness it becomes easier for you to also engage in multiple things. That’s because you consciously or subconsciously know how to manage your energy.

It all comes down to your energy. It’s not how many hours of work you put, but what energy are you radiating. You can be building 2 businesses at the same time while studying or working full-time and having a family.

The best part is that you'll still have energy and time. That’s possible for people who operate on a high level of consciousness.

This seems impossible for people on a lower level but that’s because they don’t have that energy management skill that you have. Hard work for them doesn’t even feel hard for you.

“Why is true success so relatively effortless? It might be likened to the magnetic field created by an electric current running through a wire. The higher the power of the current, the greater the magnetic field that it generates. And the magnetic field itself then influences everything in its presence. There are very few at the top. The world of the mediocre, however, is one of intense competition, and the bottom of the pyramid is crowded. Charismatic winners are sought out; losers have to strive to be accepted. People who are loving, kind, and thoughtful of others have more friends than they can count; success in every area of life is a reflex to those who are aligned with successful patterns. And the capacity to be able to discern the difference between the strong patterns of success and the weak patterns leading to failure is now available to each of us.” ― David R. Hawkins, quote from Power vs. Force

Take big successful people in every field for example. From actors, singers, athletes, to CEOs and entrepreneurs.

They are mindful, they are relaxed, they go with the flow of life and whatever they touch turns into gold. Many of them are engaged in many projects at the same time.

That’s a result of going with the flow. That’s the principle of not forcing and it takes practice to master it. The more relaxed and mindful you are with your actions, the easier will be for you to achieve whatever you are working on.

The more you force yourself and other things to come in a specific way, the harder for you to achieve your goal.

Life is like a river that takes you wherever it wants to. The only thing that you can do is go with the flow and take the opportunities that are presented to you.

Trying to swim the opposite direction because you want things a particular way, will only lead to burn out and dissatisfaction.

Sometimes things work out better if we let them flow and simply “happen”. Just as floating in the water, it is not about the effort we put into floating but about letting go! Flow as water! — Alan Watts


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