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The problem of judging people by their appearance

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Judging a person’s character and trustworthiness by its appearance is an outdated model of thinking about people but still, a lot of them think this way.

I don’t mean only by body shape, skin color, height or these biological features. I also mean tattoos. Tattoos seem to still be a problem today.

My arms are fully tattooed and I thought the only person that was going to judge my character by them was my grandma. Whenever she sees me she thinks I’m a criminal or a drug addict, but I don’t blame her because that’s how it used to be back in her days.

The problem for me comes when “smart” people judge my intellectual abilities, character and trustworthiness by my tattoos. My university professors always thought that I was going to be the troublemaker because of my appearance.

I had to work twice as hard to prove them wrong. Employers also judged my trustworthiness because of my tattoos and didn’t hire me. This is not only affecting my studies and job career but also my relationships. I don’t always make a good first impression because of my tattoos, and I don’t seem a trustworthy person when it comes to romantic relationships.

“Sometimes the nicest people you meet are covered with tattoos and sometimes the most judgmental people you meet go to church on Sundays”

I don’t regret my past decisions and if I could go back in time I wouldn’t change anything. This is me, this is what makes me look confident and this is how I like being. I know that certain jobs are not accepting this but this not my problem here, my problem is when they are judging my intellect, character and trustworthiness.

My 2 master degrees seem to not be helping so much with my job career because I was rejected by many employers. As I said, I don’t really care about the rejection but about the judgement of my character. They always seem to be very interested and impressed by my education and resume until I show them my tattoos. They don’t even think that this guy is not trying to hide anything, they immediately reject me because I look unprofessional.

“Having tattoos is not unprofessional. What’s unprofessional is turning down an aspiring employee due to superficial reasons and not their skill level or experience”

I can say that this might be a good thing for my future because if I was hired by any of these jobs, probably I wouldn’t have the time to start a blog, write a book, research and invest in crypto projects and actually I wouldn’t make the money that I make today and I wouldn’t have the free time that I have today. That’s why I don’t care that I didn’t get the job but the judgement and the way of thinking by a lot of people.

I just hope that one day employers, teachers and the world generally stop judging a book by its cover and take the time to actually read the person before forming any mental images about them and their character. We saw how “trustworthy” the people with ties are, why don’t they give the chance to someone with tattoos? That goes to all of the employers that rejected me and to all of my university professors that underestimated me because of my appearance.


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