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The school system needs fixing

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

The irony of the school system is that you are most probably being taught by people who are not wealthy, happy or fulfilled with their life. Why take advice from a business professor who doesn’t even have a business background? Why even take advice from people who are not financially free themselves, and let them tell you how to live life and what to do with it?

If you want to be a teacher or an employee there’s nothing wrong with that. If you want to be a teacher you simply adopt your teacher’s mindset or if you want to be an employee you follow the rules until you get the paper that you need to go somewhere else to follow rules. There’s nothing wrong with that but if this is the case then this article is not for you.

This article is for people who want to do something different, something bigger, want to become entrepreneurs and solve problems and improve the world in general. The small portion of the global population who do not want to follow the conventional path and want to try something bigger and more meaningful for themselves.

Following the traditional education system is probably a disadvantage for future entrepreneurs because they instill in them the mindset of an employee and thinking small and being incrementalist.

There’s a person that made more money in 9 months than Warren Buffet did in his whole lifetime. Don’t let teachers tell you what’s possible and what’s not.

Best thing you can do is take advice from entrepreneurs if you want to become one, not business professors who don’t even have business experience.

Entrepreneurs are the people who open doors for a better world, the people who are upgrading our humanity, bring solutions to problems and inspire people to think bigger.

The problem with schools is that they train people to think small, be incrementalists and play it safe until they die. Not to try to do something big because it’s risky, not to try to solve big problems because other people will do that anyway, and not even try to do something different that no one else did before.

All the methods and tactics and theories that school teaches to students are ways that worked before for other people, but to bring something new to the world you need to think differently and not follow other’s path, something that business professors don’t understand. If they did, they would have started a business themselves.

We need people who think big more than ever before, and have to craft kid’s mindset to become entrepreneurs.

Kids don’t develop this kind of mindset because they take advice from teachers that don’t even think that big or don’t even have big goals, and this has to change. Kids are our future, our next leaders, our next entrepreneurs and our next problem solvers.

We need people to start changing the education system and start teaching kids the things that really matter most in life. To develop their mindsets without limitations and also develop their characters that will create a ripple effect in all areas of their life.

No more useless papers that just indicate that kids know how to follow rules and do their chores, no more grades and tests that put kids in stress for something that will not even be in use for their goals and their impact in the world, and no more prison like school systems. Kids must want to go to school, not being forced to go there.

Lectures have to become more interesting by eliminating the unnecessary stuff and start teaching them things like controlling their emotions, managing their time and energy, how to make money in today’s world and how to manage them more properly, how to start a business, how to solve problems, nutrition, self-defense, the importance of daily habits, reading books, more field trips, developing their communication skills and confidence, letting them explore their interests and passions with different activities and do more interesting and meaningful stuff that will develop their mindset, creativity and character for a better future.

Bottom line is, the education system today does not work. Many people have the illusion that a paper will solve most of their problems when it’s their mindset that holds all the solutions. We need an upgrade in our education system for a better future.


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