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The source of newness

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

The new does not grow from the old. The old exists in the past, and the past does not matter anymore.

Thoughts and memories grow from the past. Our logical mind makes assumptions and analyzes things, people and decisions based on past data and experiences.

Great inventors, the really great inventors, are only focused on the present, because the new emerges only in the present moment and never from the past.

As I discussed in this article, causality is an illusion. The past does not cause the future but our belief about the past.

We cling to the past, therefore the present moment seems to be an effect of the past. Detaching from the past is the only way for the new to emerge through you, but for this to happen, you have to really let go of the past.

As you stay attached to the past, it will be manifested in your present.

Being totally focused on the present and letting go of the past, including memories, friendships, beliefs on how reality works, beliefs on what are the limits in this reality, your job, your income, your achievements, your possessions, your religion, your race and every other label that you hold in mind about things, people and events that are in the past, is how you let the new emerge through you in the present.

That’s how potentiality becomes actuality. If you stay attached to a past event, that will be manifested in your present, hence your belief about cause and effect.

It’s not your past that causes your present but your energy and focus that’s still in the past. That doesn’t mean that you give up on everything and everyone. What I mean is you detach from everything and everyone and bring your energy and focus back on you and your present moment.

You are still participating in life but without attachments. They are the cause of all suffering as Buddha has said and you want to be in this world but not of this world, as Jesus said.

As soon as the thing or the person that you are attached on leaves you, misery comes as a byproduct and can negatively affect all other areas of your life.

You can see how heartbroken people don’t really have the energy to work on their vision, on their goals, on anything.

Heartbrokenness comes as a result of attachments. Staying unattached is how you enjoy life and avoid unnecessary pain.

To read more on this topic take a look at this article where I’m discussing the difference between Detachment and Non-attachment.


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