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There’s no work-life balance

Work-life balance does not exist. Only average and mediocre people seek that thing. You have to embody the being of a professional. A professional athlete, writer, entrepreneur, a professional anything. Professionals don’t believe in work-life balance. Your whole life is a project that you are constantly working on, whether you know it or not, and being a professional is realizing that your work doesn’t have to feel like work, but a play, a game, a passionate project called life that you are trying to perfect in any way possible. There are no rules in this project because life is an art, and we are all artists, whether you are a scientist, a businessman, or indeed an artist, life is all about working on your project and helping others with their own.

Work-life balance is a myth. Is something that average people seek so they can escape from their miserable jobs, but when you turn into a professional, you realize that your whole life is a work, a work of art, and you are either going to help the Creator of that art with His project or sabotage Him and your own self by being ungrateful and unmotivated. Co-creators of life are people who find their passion, their purpose, their mission, and start working on it, partnering with the Creator to bring forth His desires for this world. An inner calling is a message from Him on the path that you should follow to help His project.

Gut feelings, instincts, strong impulses and burning desires are not random. They are messages and you should act on them. Don’t let logic keep out of your path. Logic does not always work in life because life is not logical. Linear steps do not always work in life because life is not linear. When you work on yourself, heal yourself and balance yourself (The Power of Balance book can help with that), you strengthen your connection to the source, and you hear and feel all the message and signs that are coming from it.

Signs were always there, messages were always there, God was always talking to you, but you never listen because you are too caught up with your own way of doing things, not present, not calm, and not balanced within. Learn to listen, learn to pick up signs, because when you do, you’ll start seeing big results coming to you. Don’t let your comfort zone kill your potential. Sometimes a big impulse to do something is being sabotaged by your comfort zone. Expand it, do things that make you uncomfortable long enough to start feeling comfortable being uncomfortable.

Don’t mind other people. Trust God. Trust the signs. Trust the process. When a big impulse or a burning desire arises within you, act on it, it’s not random. This is how important spiritual work is. When you develop and strength yourself mentally and spiritually, you also strength your connection with the source, and you start receiving all the message coming from it instead of leaving them “unread”.

Most people are disconnected, and being disconnects is somehow going mainstream today, I don’t know the reason, maybe there’s an agenda to infiltrate kid’s mind and influence the next generations to stay disconnected from the source, I don’t really know why is that happening, but on the other side, there are a lot of disconnected people that found God and went through a spiritual awakening, and they are many, and they counter-balance the negative in the world.

The world is being split by two realm, two kinds, two worlds, into heaven and into hell, into tradition and into modernity, and this is becoming very obvious as the days go by, and this book is about bringing you into the realm of spirituality, of connection, of tradition, of the counter-balance to the negative in the world, and remember, when I say negative I do not mean “bad”. There’s nothing bad in the eyes of the Universe, everything has its reason behind it.

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