Transmuting chaos into order

The ability to control yourself is something that needs practice and patience. You are not born with the power to control yourself because that’s something that you have to be taught and master.

You can see how babies are letting every emotion be expressed outwards either by overjoy or crying or even anger. This is not something bad to have when you are a kid but when you reach adulthood, you are expected to have some level of self-control over your emotions, your urges, your anger, your sadness and even your joy.

When you cannot control your own self, you cannot control your own life. To take control over your life and the results that you get you have to first take control over yourself, your mental world. When you have order in your mental world, order will be manifested in your physical world.

If you want an average and mediocre life, you can let yourself loose and don’t practice any self-control at all, but what’s the point of having a mediocre life when everyone else is having it and are not satisfied with it?

The energy that you expend to run a mediocre life is greater than the energy needed for a great life. It all lies in how much control and order you have in your life.

Order makes your life simpler, and a simpler life requires less energy on repetitive tasks that will take you to greatness. Why have a mediocre life when its actually easier to have a great one?

We are all going to die anyway so why not leave a legacy behind you? Why not built a good reputation for the next generation of your family? Why not contribute to making the world a better place? Why do people want a mediocre life where stress and worrying is the standard? Where you have to take permission from someone else to go on holidays? Where you get paid only 12 times per year and you barely have any leftovers to treat yourself?

All the change that you need in your life starts within. Getting control over your mind, your words, your feelings, your thoughts and your emotions that want to burst out. Creating an order out of the chaos that exists in your mental world.

When you take control over your emotions, you take control over your body, and you become the master of it by repetition. When you stay calm and still in the face of adversity, over time your body will be trained to stay calm and still and even stop generating emotions that are going to negatively impact your results in life later on.

How many times have you let the anger within you burst out either by words or actions, only to regret it after you’ve calmed down? A strong person has control over his emotions and feelings, he uses critical thinking to calm down and he sees the situation from a higher perspective. Will this situation matter in 5 years? Why let that event ruin the moment or even future moments?

Staying calm is a skill few can master, but don’t mistake calmness with weakness. A lot of people mistake that as a weakness, but the reality is that the most successful people on the planet are calm within.

That’s the only way that you can see clearly, think clearly and act accordingly for your highest good and purpose.

Calmness is a manifestation of control, of order, of peace. A calm person is a strong person. When everything is under control, and you simplify your life and your tasks down to the most important ones, calmness comes as a byproduct.

When everything runs smoothly and in order in your mental world, it will sooner or later be reflected outwards, on your physical plane of existence.

Your environment will be in order, your projects, your relationships, your time management, your money management, your energy management, your diet, your daily routines, your daily tasks, your daily habits, everything will follow the order that you have within.

Self-control is how you create an order out of chaos. When you see a person where he leaves a chaos behind him wherever he goes, either in the environment as a clutter or his uncomfortable and unpleasant energy, you’ll know that there’s not order within him, no control over his mental world, and that’s why the chaos within him is being reflected outwards.

Self-control is not only controlling your mental world but controlling your reaction of other’s mental world. When a person without control comes with his chaos, don’t let that chaos influence your self-control or disrupt your peace.

When you stay still and calm and do what you have to do without being influenced, you’re strengthening your control. Stay strong, stay stoic.