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What if we live inside a video game?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Have you ever wonder how video games will be like in the future? I mean video games now are more realistic than ever before. We came to the point where we cannot actually tell if something is a video game or a real person playing in a movie. Then Virtual Reality came.

What if the graphics will keep upgrading and there will come a point where you can actually feel the senses in the game?

I mean, if you can imagine it, you can do it, and I always imagined as a kid being inside a video game playing Call of Duty, not watching it through a screen, but being inside the game and moving, running, jumping and doing all kinds of stuff using my own body, not just pressing buttons with my fingers.

How do we know that we are not in that future right now? How do we know that we are not actually playing a video game right now and it feels so real that you cannot tell the difference between this simulated reality and the real reality?

If you take quantum science, spirituality, and simulation theory, they are all pointing to the same direction. In spirituality, they say that we have a Higher Self. What if that Higher Self is actually ourselves playing the video game?

In Quantum Physics they say that we are all connected through an invisible field, and we can manipulate reality by going deep within and accessing our subconscious programs. What if this Quantum field is the Programming Language that this simulation is built on, and our subconscious programs are algorithms inside the game that determines our avatar, character, and skills? What if we are the Objects in a software program, and our characteristics are the properties of that object? What if we are the A.I. inside a Sims-like video game?

Of course, if this is the case, you cannot do anything but enjoy the game and level up, instead of just being an NPC (Non-Player-Character).

Some reasons that we might actually live in a video game:

  1. It’s already going to be possible with the pace that our technology is evolving.

  2. We cannot live in other planets yet, or unlock other maps, because our collective consciousness or our collective level didn’t reach the required level yet to unlock the other maps.

  3. There’s been a type of reboot a few times according to our history, Ice Age, dinosaurs go extinct, previous civilizations as well, the flood according to the Bible, etc.

  4. There are rules that you have to follow and missions that you have to accomplish to level up like school, university, job, promotions, etc.

  5. We are already good at building simulations.

  6. Glitches like the Mandela Effect.

  7. It makes more sense than ghosts, angels, demons, spirits, etc.

Bottom line is, whether we live in a simulation or not, we are going to leave this place. So live life to the fullest, build good habits, set big goals, and do not accept to live as an NPC.


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