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You have the tools to change your reality

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better”— Maya Angelou

A lot of times people are complaining and doubting themselves in their abilities to achieve what they want. The reality is, we all have what we need to start, and doing the best with what we currently have and where we currently are, things fall into place for us to have more.

We are wired in a way that we always try to reach for something more, always chasing something more, always comparing ourselves with other people that have more, and this leaves us feeling empty and unworthy.

How can you trust yourself when you can’t use what you now have properly? How can the Universe trust you with more when you can’t use the little things that you have now? Even when you get that something that you are chasing, you’ll look for the next one without feeling satisfied. That’s a bad habit that is ingrained deep in our brains, always seeking for more, but more is never enough.

When you break that mental habit of always chasing things, and stop for a moment, you’ll realize that you are actually okay. You already have what you need, and when you start doing your best with everything that you currently have, going to the next level will feel effortless and more enjoyable.

That stress and anxiety of chasing for more things and comparing yourself with others is sabotaging your process of actually getting more things and leveling up your life.

Stop projecting into the future and start investing your energy in the present moment. What you do now is what determines your future anyway, not what you want now.

What you do now is what determines your future, not what you want now.

Many want more followers. They are constantly following and unfollowing people just to raise their number of followers. Instead of trying to reach out to more people and look so desperate, try putting on a show to the 10–20 followers that you have.

Feel that you are already enough, already validated and already abundant. Then more and more will be coming to you, including followers. You don’t usually follow boring people but if you do, soon enough you’re going to unfollow them. Try doing your best with what you currently have, that’s how you get more in the first place.

You say you don’t have time, when in reality, you’re just wasting it on shallow work and meaningless things. This “busyness” has become so cool today that people try to look busy so that they feel important.

Instead of filling your time with shallow and meaningless things, revaluate your activities, and get rid of all the things that you do now and won’t matter in 5 years. That’s not only with what you do, but with what you have.

Decluttering your time and environment can free up so much energy and give you more clarity. Then, try to keep things and stick to activities that are important and meaningful to you, and not just shallow things that fill up your space and time. That’s how you connect more deeply with life and accomplish more. Sometimes having and doing less brings more results in your life.

Another one example is starting a business. Stop trying to get it perfect and just launch it. If you are reading this article you probably have anything that you need to start a business, a laptop or a phone, and internet connection.

That’s all you need today to start a business, not even an upfront capital. Instead of complaining and finding reasons that you can’t do something, try to do the best with what you have and what you currently know.

Stop complaining and start taking action as whining won’t make things done in your life

To conclude, complaining is the easy thing to do and that’s why everyone does it. To be different and to actually bring tangible results in your life you have to stop wishing that everything will be done by itself and start taking action.

You have the necessary tools and knowledge you need to start. As you go along the journey of realizing your desires, more things will be coming to you that will help you in achieving your goals whether it be tools, money, people or knowledge. Just start and everything will fall into place.


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