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The book focuses on balancing practices and routines that are masculine energy based, which are the physical practices, and feminine energy based, which are the spiritual.


A lot of people either cling too much on the physical masculine practices that are about hard work, grinding, hustling and optimizing your day through time blocks, goal tasks habit routines etc., and other people on the spiritual feminine practices that are about healing your blockages, dropping strong desires, focusing on the present moment, meditating etc.


To get high quality results in your life you need to operate from a place of healed energy. Both masculine and feminine practices are required to be implemented in one’s life for optimal results in anything. A balance between these two energies is what this book is all about and healing them so you can progress in your life refreshed and in a more orderly way.


When your polar energies within are healed and balanced, everything in your life will reflect that order within. Spiritual work is the foundation and the cause of the quality that you get from your physical work.


Physical work without proper spiritual foundation is shallow work with mediocre results, and spiritual work without physical work is just being prepared for nothing.


In this book you’ll learn how to heal your masculine and feminine energy and how to balance them in your life to start getting sustainable results in anything that you engage afterwards in an effortless way.

The Power Of Balance